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Woman Who Had ‘Migraine’ Diagnosed With Cancer And Told She Only Had 24 Hours To Live

After years of preventive care and carefulness under the sun, Renae Williamson believed that her chances of being diagnosed with skin cancer have been minimized.

Ongoing series of migraines, however, led the West Australian woman to the discovery of a life-threatening disease and a diagnosis that she will never forget.


It all started with migraines which are no stranger to Renae’s family. Therefore, the 40-year-old woman didn’t spark any concern and ignored the warning signals.

After a few days, however, Renae’s condition became worse and she wasn’t capable of handling the severity of the pain anymore.

During a routine visit to the family’s general practitioner, Renae and her husband Jared were faced with more concerns. “Just to be safe,” Mrs. Williamson was sent for an immediate MRI which provided dreadful yet life-saving news.

Six days after migraines first started, the Perth medical center where Renae underwent MRI discovered two nodules on her brain.

“(One of the nodules) had caused so much swelling of the brain that if I had left it another 24 hours, I would likely be dead,” Renae explained on her GoFundMe page.

Recalling the devastating and unexpected diagnosis, Renae said:

“I was feeling so sick and my head was pounding. I asked Jared to go tell them we were going home ’cause all I wanted to do was go to bed.

“The centre staff took Jared away and told him that I had two nodules in my brain. He went into shock and had to ask them to explain again.

“He then left the room and turned the corner and looked at me. The look on his face I will never forget.”

Following the grim diagnosis, the doctors resorted to a string of medical operations to remove one of Renae’s tumors. After that, however, they also discovered that she was suffering from a dangerous stage-four melanoma without ‘primary source.’

A year after its discovery, Renae is still dependent on invasive surgeries and expensive drugs that keep her alive.

“I have had to give up my studies in nursing. We’ve had to sell our apartment to afford the cost associated with fighting or rather living with melanoma,” she explained.

“We cannot afford to go out. Even just for simple meals. If we didn’t receive vouchers for the movies for birthdays and Christmas we wouldn’t be going out at all.”

If you wish to help Renae and her family get over this life-threatening condition, you can make a donation at GoFundMe. Make sure to SHARE this post as well to raise the awareness!

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